It all started when...

One New Years Eve as I reflected on my resolution for the year, I asked myself what makes me happy? Where are my favourite places to be? Who do I enjoy spending time with? Where do I feel the most comfortable?

The answers to these questions led to the creation of Purple Poppy.

Yoga because it allows me to feel grounded, to find my inner peace, to push away the chaos of the outside world and to gently exercise my body at the same time - I am not a cardio person - treadmills and step classes - just kill me. I’m way too uncoordinated, my mind is never at peace as the only thing going through it is how embarrassed I am! Yoga allows me to exercise my mind and body and soul all at once.

The Beach…. There is something so pure and calming about sitting by the water and I especially love a sandy beach where I can wade into the water and take it all in.

So, I thought, yoga on the beach…. that would be my happy place. A place where I could feel connected to myself, and to others and to nature all at the same time.


My resolution was to do more outdoor yoga. But that fell flat quickly as I couldn’t easily find classes to participate in! I nearly fell asleep at my desk looking!

I knew that I could go to any yoga studio if I wanted an indoor class, but I had no idea how to find an outdoor class. Google searches didn’t help, nor did Facebook so I didn’t really know where else to turn. There appeared to be some random offerings here and there, but no real consistency, no rhyme or reason to what I found, and nothing in my area.


I found this perplexing, so I started to do a little digging and discovered that yoga instructors really have no tools in place to help promote themselves. Studios do, but they are too expensive for an independent professional to adopt.

I discovered instructors were fairly bound to studios or gyms for exposure. A few have made a name for themselves independent of a studio but not many. And clearly, even those who had invested into websites were not being found in my search either, so their SEO wasn’t strong enough.

Even more startling was that there were over 100,000 teachers – clearly, it should not be so tuff to find an instructor teaching outdoors, especially with that many of them around!

I asked myself what made it so easy to find other professional help when it was so hard to find a Yogi? And from that question, I discovered that freelance yoga teachers didn’t have a brand name to stand behind nor did they have a national tool where people could find them and their listings.

With that in mind, and my background in marketing, I set off to create a brand Yoga Teachers could proudly share and a tool for them to leverage for visibility. I wanted to help them get found, I wanted them to be a lighthouse beacon, so big and beautiful that they attract people from miles around! I was so surprised a resource like this was not already in place…..


The industry has amazing Yoga Teacher Training Programs in place and institutions like Yoga Alliance who strive to keep the industry strong and credible by issuing certifications and insurance. But, that’s where it stops. Once they are certified and ready to go, the industry falls short - by not providing their teachers the tools they need to set them up for success.

As soon as I discovered the barriers to entry that yoga instructors faced, it was no longer just about me needing an outdoor yoga class to find my happy place, but about creating opportunity for local yogis to stand united, so that they could leverage their strength in numbers and stop struggling like hamsters on a wheel – working hard but not getting anywhere!

Purple Poppy has morphed into a beautiful community, led by incredibly dedicated instructors, who have spent hours training and perfecting their skills, with the sole purpose of helping us feel better, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

By providing a North American Brand, Website, and Tools for freelance yoga teachers to use, teachers can now host classes anywhere at any time of day, to any audience, and BE FOUND! You and I don’t have to struggle to find that perfect class to ground us anymore.

Purple Poppy is here to give you the opportunity to find your happy place, to connect your mind, body, and soul with expert guidance. Because when we are happy, we can shine.


We all deserve to shine like the light we are meant to be!

If you want to get connected to your community, nature & yourself or to simply find your happy place and shine, then join our community and attend our classes.

If you already have your connection to mind body and soul, then please join us and share your light and your wisdom with each of us.


Diana Butler